Each capital city presents a unique image of a country, and Tbilisi is no exception. Even the discovery of Tbilisi itself is interesting, as it is based on a legend. Nowadays Tbilisi is a popular destination for tourists. There are numerous restaurants, pubs, art galleries, churches, and museums, not to mention the old part of the town, to discover.
Some hints as to what to see and where to go: As human beings our first instinct is to eat, so let’s start with places to dine. Visits to “Machakhela”, “Khinklis Sakhli” and “Shemoikhede Genatsvale” are to be particularly recommended. These are all restaurants which offer delicious Georgian food at a reasonable price.
A walk down Rustaveli Avenue is a good idea, as is a visit to Freedom Square, where you will discover lots of interesting buildings such as the Georgian National Museum. The Holy Trinity Cathedral is another delight to discover, and is easily accessible using the metro. Don’t forget to see the old town, taste Georgian wine, and enjoy a ride on the nearby cable cars, with breathtaking views.



Most of us love the sea, tanning, and beaches.
If you are looking for a summer escape and can’t decide where to go, Batumi awaits.
Every year, Batumi continues to attract tourists from around the world. It is possible to rent a pleasant flat close to the sea starting at approximately 25 GEL per night. Prices depend on the time of year and type of accommodation required.
There is quite a long list of things which aren’t to be missed in Batumi. So here goes! Number one is the Dolphinarium, where visitors can watch an unforgettable dolphin show and even swim with them! Batumi Boulevard is also a must-see. You will discover lots of interesting monuments there, such as the statue of Ali and Nino. Along the boulevard, you can also taste the famous Adjarian khachapuri; and last but not least, the Botanical Gardens. There you will see some exceptional greenery, wonderful flower arrangements, and enjoy spectacular sea views.



Kazbegi is an ideal destination for the active. There is a simple rule here: if you want to discover something unforgettable, you need to earn it. Don’t be surprised if you have to walk for hours in Kazbegi, but at the end of the walk, the views will be magnificent. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and to take a raincoat as it often rains.
A visit to Gergeti Trinity Church, built in the 14th century, is highly recommended. Hiring a 4X4 taxi will make for a comfortable ride up the mountain to the church. From the top of the mountain you will feel like you are on the top of the world, it is truly unmissable!
Other attractions include the town of Kazbegi itself, where you can taste delicious kebabs, and visit the Stepantsminda History Museum which celebrates the work of the famous Georgian writer, Alexander Kazbegi.


One of the first things to do in Zugdidi is to visit the Dadiani Palace Museum. There you can see archaeological exhibits, a collection of ancient coins, examples of rare sculptures, a military archive, and even the death mask worn by Napoleon I. The palace also has a wonderful garden. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this museum!
The next destination is Zugdidi Boulevard. Situated in the center of Zugdidi, you can find a wide range of shops and fantastic restaurants here.
If you are visiting Zugdidi in the summer, a visit to the Martvili Canyons, located near Zugdidi, is highly recommended. Martvili Canyons are a wonder of the natural worlds and really are quite stunning. You can walk through the canyons or take a boat ride.



One of the must-see attractions in the Kutaisi are the Prometheus Caves. Home to a variety of stalactites and stalagmites, the cave is breathtaking and exotic. Colorful lights further enhance the experience, especially for children.

Visiting both Gelati Monastery and Bagrati Cathedral is also recommended. Gelati Monastery is about 30 minutes drive from Kutaisi. The monastery was founded in 1106. Visitors will be impressed by the spectacular architecture and the wonderful frescoes of the monastery, which remain to this day.

Bagrati Cathedral is an 11th Century cathedral. The renovation of the cathedral was completed in 2013. It’s very interesting to see the mixture of old and new architecture. From the cathedral, you can see the whole of Kutaisi!