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In Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, hidden treasures can be found around every corner. The Movement Theatre, constructed by the founder, Kakha Bakuradze himself and his friends is nestled in the historic Mushtaidi Park. It is a real gem for theatre and live music enthusiasts, particularly jazz lovers. Besides sightseeing and sampling local cuisine one should definitely embrace the contemporary culture of a city to feel its true heart and spirit and this extraordinary space is at the forefront of reviving modern culture and breathing new life into the old city.

The Movement Theatre is the perfect place for one to get acquainted with the modern culture of Georgia, since it’s regarded as the hub of progressive culture and contemporary arts in Tbilisi. In contrast to other theaters, here the story is told only through movement, so there is no language barrier and the theatre is tries hard to be welcoming to everybody, no matter where they are from. Upon entering the theatre you instantly transfer into a fairytale world where dances such as the tango are performed in the air and mesmerizing melodies offer an escape from everyday routine and stress.

Source: FB/ Movement Theatre

The theatre provides diverse events, ranging from plays to concerts and even dance lessons, all year round. With the dawn of a new season upon us, the theatre is providing its guests with an even more varied program than ever before, every week.

On Tuesdays the theatre organizes Jam Sessions, delivering tasteful alternative music. Traditionally, musicians Sandro Nikoladze, Irakli Menagharishvili and a couple of their friends perform live music and bring positive vibes to the audience. Yet, most importantly, these series of events are unique because they give young musicians an opportunity to demonstrate their talent and experiment with different kinds of music genres together with the band. So anyone is more than welcome to join them and play or sing along.

On Wednesdays the theatre hosts regular tango evenings. If you are eager to learn how to dance tango or just have fun and make new acquaintances, then this is the place for you to be on a Wednesday evening. Here, both professional dancers and beginners gather to dance and fill themselves with positive energy.

One of the most amazing things about the Movement Theatre is that once you experience its mystic atmosphere, you will forever become emotionally attached to visiting the theatre. It feels like what’s taking place on stage is happening just for you. It’s such a great pleasure when you feel like that piece of art has been made just for you. Above all, the founder, director, cast and staff do their best to create a cozy atmosphere and make you feel at home.

If you’ve never been to the theatre before, imagine an evening with spent with friends, listening to fascinating stories told by some of the best storytellers in the world!

On Thursdays the theatre traditionally invites jazz lovers to its popular Jazz Evenings. The musicians play passionately and bring positive vibes to audience. What could be more pleasant than listening to quality live music and masterful improvisations while sipping on a delicious beverage? This multifunctional eclectic space also has its own bar.

Source: FB/ Movement Theatre

From Thursdays to Sundays the theatre caters to different plays and performances. The hall has a capacity of 170 people. The Movement Theatre has a number of signature performances and new shows are coming soon as well.

The most distinguished performances are as follows:

Intro – the trademark of the modern theatre. The performance is the synthesis of various genres – Brecht’s theatre, circus performance, puppets and contemporary theatre.

Source: FB/ Movement Theatre

IGGY – based on Jemal Qarchkhadze’s tale of unveiling the eternal conflict between an individual and society.

Source: FB/ Movement Theatre

Don Juan – a one-act comedy which is another highly recommended performance that will definitely boost your mood.

Source: FB/ Movement Theatre

The theatre is notable for its unique musical pieces, each of which have been specially composed for a particular play by the Georgian musician Sandro Nikoladze. Sandro’s compositions play a central role and add a mystical note to the entire performance. In case you are captivated by these hypnotizing melodies, you can buy the newly released album ‘Music For The Theatre’ here as well.

A friendly environment, affordable drinks and good music are guaranteed here. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity and put the Movement Theatre on your must-see list when travelling to Georgia.

Address: Agmashenebeli Ave 182. Tbilisi. Georgia Mushtaidi Garden Tbilisi, Georgia