Every capital is judged on its beauty, infrastructure, architecture, landmarks, and of course recreational areas. Green zones now represent a top priority for many people when choosing a city to settle down in or just to travel to. Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia is very diverse, characterized by a unique landscape, incorporating both hills and flat areas and it’s also graced with several recreational areas. Although it boasted far more green spaces in the past, some of them have been preserved until today. So grab your notebook and follow us on a ‘green’ journey around the city:

Lisi Lake

Lisi Lake is one of the most popular leisure places for locals and tourists alike. The lake is located on the top of a hill on the outskirts of Tbilisi. One can easily get there by car or public transport. The lake is surrounded with greenery and it’s especially charming at dawn or sunset. The lake is suitable for various leisure activities. One can go for a jog, ride a bicycle or simply go for a stroll. Besides, Lisi Lake is ideal for friend and family gatherings, especially picnics. The space offers various open cafés, fruit bars, ice cream booths and other dining spots as well. As for cultural events, Lisi Lake often hosts movie screenings in the lap of nature. The place has a special beach area where one can relax and enjoy sunbathing.

Mtatsminda Park

Mtatsminda Park is another location where one can relax, escape the noise of the city and simultaneously enjoy beautiful views over the capital. The park is located on a hill called Holly Mountain (Mtatsminda in Georgian). One can easily get there by car, public transport or ascend the mountain by a cable car (2 GEL one way) from the Funicular located on Chonkadze Street. The park includes amusement attractions as well as the elegant restaurant ‘Funicular’ offering a wide assortment of dishes from both Georgian and international cuisines. One can sample delicious food and drinks on the Funicular’s terrace, enjoy the spectacular view and cool off. On the road to Mtatsminda there are also a plenty of places in the lap of nature suitable for picnic. The park also hosts the annual Ezo Festival that organizes various musical events throughout the whole summer season.


Turtle Lake

Turtle Lake (Kustba in Georgian) is our next destination. The lake is actually quite close to the city center, located in the Bagebi District of Tbilisi. One can easily get there by public transport, car, on foot or by the restored cable ropeway (1 GEL one way) from Chavchavadze Avenue, Vake District. People usually stroll around the lake, some ride bicycles, take boat trips, jog or work out. The small green lake is surrounded by trees and greenery, so it is yet another good option for chilling out and getting some fresh air. There are a few open cafés, so a cool refreshing drink or a cup of coffee in combination with nature could help make this an incredibly therapeutic afternoon. Besides, there are playgrounds, an artificial beach and even a night club around Turtle Lake, so it’s possible to find something for everyone’s taste. On the way to Turtle Lake, there is an Open Air Museum of Ethnography that serves as another wonderful place for relaxation and entertainment. The place is a perfect demonstration of Georgian folk culture and architecture. The area displays small models of Georgia’s regions with typical Georgian wooden dwellings. During the summer season the venue hosts the annual Art Gen festival, a celebration of Georgian culture and series of concerts.

Vake Park

If you don’t want to travel far, then Vake Park is always nearby. The Park carries the name of the district it is located in, at the western end of Chavchavadze Avenue. The park covers 200 hectares and represents one of the biggest parks in the city. Bike lanes criss-cross the park and illuminated fountains make it a great place to relax on a hot summer day. One can walk around, exercise, play tennis or ping pong, relax on a bench, read a book or enjoy ice cream and refreshing drinks at several small cafés.

Mziuri Park

Mziuri Park should definitely be on one’s list as well. Located at Chavchavadze Avenue #21, the park is a real hidden oasis in a noisy and hectic city like Tbilisi. The park is arranged in the gorge of the Vere River, so one can descend via stairs from Chavchavadze Avenue and be transported into a green world of freshness and calmness. There are playgrounds for kids to play and benches for adults to rest. The atmosphere is peaceful and pleasant. The park is home to New Mziuri, a social café that organizes various musical and entertaining events for people of any age and musical taste. The café has become an integral part of the venue, breathing new life into Mziuri and bringing together people of different ages, tastes and ethnic backgrounds. At least once a week the park hosts film or concert screenings of legendary bands. If you are fortunate enough, you can attend live performances as well.