Nowadays, Georgia is receiving more and more attention from the international community, especially in fashion. In the fashion world Georgian designers have enjoyed great success in fashion houses like ‘Balenciaga’. Also, Georgian ‘It’ girls are known for their love of fashion. Demna Gvasalia, who is Balenciaga’s new creative director, opened the door for Georgian fashion designers and so the world has been woken up to styles and designers from Georgia. Despite its tiny size, Georgia and its incredibly talented people have so much to offer.

 “Who’d have thunk it? Georgia a booming fashion scene! And no, we don’t mean the Peach State, home to sweet tea and homegrown football fanatics, but rather the southern country of the Caucasus region that sits under Russia and borders Turkey. Recently, the post-Soviet republic has been put on the map as a place of flourishing fashion talent, due in no small part to Balenciaga’s new creative director, Demna Gvasalia (who is also the leader of cult-fascination label Vetements and a Georgian native), and local brands that are quickly picking up international traction, like Ria Keburia and Atelier Kikala.”

According to Vogue’s article about “All the best New It Girls are from Georgia (The Country, Not the State)” Georgian fashion deserves your attention for its unique style. It’s not easy to make a name for yourself in the fashion industry like Demna Gvasalia did. David Koma is another popular Georgian fashion designer who is appreciated and loved by world-famous celebrities. So, both Demna and David have proved that it doesn’t matter where you are from, what matters is your hard work, talent and determination, as most people respect the work of Georgian designers now, meaning anything is possible.

In its article Vogue paid attention to Georgian It girls, which have their unique personal style and have the power to walk among the most revered It girls in the world.

“Here is a list of the coolest Georgian women to follow on Instagram” – according to Vogue:

Anouki Areshidze – Georgian designer

Anna Maria – Model

 Ketevan Gvaramadze – Fashion Stylist

Source: FB/Ketevan Gvaramadze

Nino Eliava – The founder and director  of the e-commerce shop More is Love

Mariam Sitchinava – Photographer

Source: FB/Mariam Sitchinava

Mariam Koberidze – Art Curator, TV Presenter, Stylist, Concept director M-O-D Academy

Tako Natsvlishvili – Model

Elene Metreveli – Artist, Painter, Creative Director of the accessories label Fetiche

Tamuna Tsiklauri

Source: FB/ Tamuna Tsiklauri

Anka Tsitsishvili – The owner of the Georgian designer-stocked Indexfla

Lenka Tsitsishvili – the co-owner and buyer of Tbilisi store Pierrot le Fou

Another special Georgian It girl is mentioned in the Vogue article called “Tbilisi Cool Girl Salome Bezarashvili is your Newest Instagram Obsession”. The Author writes about why you’ll like this stylish Georgian Girl, who is a designer and employee of Tbilisi’s Chaos Concept Store.

Source: FB/ Salome Bezarashvili

“Fun fact: She’s best friends with fellow girl-about-town and Chaos Concept Store founder Nini Nebieridze. It’s a match made in style heaven – a term that certainly applies to Tbilisi these days” – According to the author, Liana Satenstein, included in the list of Georgian It Girls is Nini Nebieridze, who was mentioned personally in the article called “At Home with the Most Stylish Girl in Tbilisi”.

Source: FB/Nini Nebieridze

About a Year ago Nebieridze hosted Vogue at her home and took some interesting photos with different looks.

To sum up, Georgian designers deserve the fashion world’s attention and it seems like they might finally be getting it. Day by day, Georgian fashion influence grows and increases its strength on the world’s fashion stage, where it really belongs.