When thinking about young talents with Georgian origins, one of the first names that popped into my mind was Nicolas Namoradze. The young, but already celebrated musician and composer, Nicolas is a well-recognized and respected figure on the international classical music scene. While listening to his overwhelmingly impressive performances it feels like he breathes new life into centuries-old classical pieces by some of the greatest composers such as Chopin, Lizt, Bach, Rachmaninov and reincarnates them into living beings through energetically running his fingers across the piano. Besides being a virtuoso pianist he is a progressive and one of the most modern composers who experiments with electronic and classical music and eventually ends up creating a monumental piece that literally takes one on a never-ending trip to a “space odyssey”.

Nicolas, whose performances have been hailed by critics as “sparkling… sensitive and coloristic” (New York Times) and “simply gorgeous” (Wall Street Journal), has given recitals at prestigious venues in several countries around the world. He has appeared as a soloist with renowned orchestras and conductors and delivered brilliant concerts in Europe and the Unites States. Additionally, his compositions have been commissioned and performed by leading artists and at festivals in the United States.


Born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1992, he moved to Budapest with his family at a very young age due to his father’s work, yet the gifted musician has visited his homeland several times now. When talking about his feelings towards Georgia and its culture, it’s obvious that this country still holds an important place in his heart. “Though it’s been several years since I last visited my home country, my heritage is of great importance to me. I’m endlessly fascinated by Georgian culture, most of all by our folk music, which I truly believe to be one of the musical wonders of the world. It also exerts an increasingly strong influence on my musical voice as a composer” – The pianist said.

At first sight, the story of Nicolas’s musical career and life might remind you of the young Mozart who also spent his life travelling and performing in front of elite audiences in various countries from a young age. In Nicolas’s case, music came into his life at the age of seven years old. He has studied at the Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students at the Liszt Academy of Music. He also studied in Vienna and Florence and then completed his Master’s at Juilliard School. Beyond performing and composing, Nicolas also teaches at Queens College and works on his doctorate at The Graduate Center under the tutelage of Emanuel Ax and Yoheved Kaplinsky. Over the course of his career he has become a laureate of several major international piano competitions (Jaén – Spain, Budapest Liszt – Hungary, Ettlingen – Germany) in addition to that, he has given successful concerts in many countries including Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy and the United States. Despite possessing such an immense talent, the 24-year-old pianist remains modest when talking about his international success, saying that whatever he has achieved so far is insignificant compared to everything that’s yet to come. The musician also wrote the soundtrack for an experimental film Walking Painting by the great painter Fabienne Verdier. As he said, the inspiration for the piece came from her style of painting and through his music he tried to make an organic connection between these two different forms of art. Moreover, the genius pianist was commissioned by the Chelsea Music Festival to write a Concerto for the Double Bass and Orchestra.


As Nicolas says, apart from the composers he admires, he also draws his inspiration from black holes, gravitational waves and Einstein’s special theory of relativity, which is vividly reflected in his contemporary pieces that literally hypnotize the listener and transfers one into a different dimension where they lose the perception of time and space.

“Never have I heard such a Liszt Sonata as I did from Nicolas Namoradze…The strength of the conception and the sheer level of artistry compel me to take my hat off to him” – This is how the Hungarian virtuoso pianist, conductor, and composer Zoltán Kocsis portrays his young colleague.

Currently the passionate and bright musician is based in New York where he actively performs to the American audience, yet he plans to embark on a recital tour of the East Coast and hopes to perform in Georgia soon as well.