“5 Reasons to explore the Mountains of Georgia (The Country, Not the State)” – According to American “Vogue”, Georgia is one of the must see places of the world. And yes, we are not talking about the state of Georgia, it’s the republic of Georgia, which has so many interesting things to offer. Nowadays a lot of journalists and photographers have captured the beauty of Georgia, and it’s hard not to like a country that has so many reasons to visit. For years, Georgia was hidden behind the iron curtain, but now a lot more foreigners know about Georgia and want to explore it to have an unforgettable adventure.

Source: Vogue

“Georgia’s natural beauty – vineyards, seaside, mountains, forests – remained hidden behind the Iron Curtain for much of the 20th century. When seven decades of Soviet rule ended in 1991, the republic finally reappeared, food-and-wine-obsessed people, might be the world’s most welcoming hosts. The Tbilisi airport even greets visitors with a Wi-Fi network named ‘TBILISILOVESYOU’.”

Jennifer Murphy – the Author of the article talks about Georgia with passion and excitement. As she said, the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi has captured travelers’ imaginations with its effortlessly cool atmosphere. She also says that Tbilisi has a Brooklyn-esque scene of restaurants, bars, art galleries, and fashion boutiques. She doesn’t just talk about Tbilisi, she also mentions Georgian mountain villages, which excited her with their own charm, cuisine and culture.

In her article she wrote about 5 reasons to explore Georgia, which include information about where to stay and what to see in Georgia. As for where to stay, the writer chose to talk about ‘Rooms hotel’ in Kazbegi. It seemed like she was very excited about the nature and scenery of Kazbegi too!

“On a clear day, you can look across the valley to the 14th-century Gergeti Trinity Church on the nearest peak. After a day exploring the mountains, guests can retire to the hotel’s subterranean wellness center, which boasts a 30-foot heated pool with alpine views.”

It’s not a surprise that Georgians have delicious traditional dishes, which are really unique. Georgian cuisine surprises tourists and makes them want to try a lot of different and unusual meals.

“Khinkali, addictive Georgian soup dumplings, are ubiquitous in chic Tbilisi restaurants, but the versions found in mountain villages like Mestia, Pasanauri, and Kazbegi come spiked with unique mountain flavoring. Eating them is just as much of an art form as creating the pleats that cinch the dumplings closed. Forget a knife and fork if you want to enjoy the warm savory broth.”

For sure Khinkali is one of the dishes that is a must-try in Georgia. Also the author tasted other traditional dishes such as: Mchadi; Kachapuri; Lobio; Pkhali and of course Georgian Snickers – Churchkhela. What about the strongest of Georgian drinks? Chacha will blow your mind and it will make you love Georgia more and more. It probably did the same to the author, that’s why she had to mention it.

Also, the article about Georgia offers interesting information for lovers of skiing. Heli-skiing is not a cheap pleasure, but in Europe it costs much more than in Georgia.

“The Caucasus Mountains offer big ski runs and untouched terrain at half the heli-price cost (160$ per person compared to 390$ in Switzerland). Last year, Kazbegi Helicopters partnered with Gudauri Freeride Tours. Their team of experienced Austrian pilots and mountain guides help hardcore powder hounds access acres of untouched snow. Too extreme? You can also stick to the slopes of Gudauri, Georgia’s premier ski resort.”

Another reason why you should visit Georgia according to “Vogue” is Svaneti. This unforgettable region in Caucasus is one of places in Georgia that leave tourists stunned.

“The UNESCO-recognized Upper Svaneti region – the highest inhabited area in the Caucasus – is like a living museum made up of medieval-type villages, castles, churches, and distinctive stone tower houses. These isolated communities, surrounded by rugged 10,000-foot peaks, are home to the Svans, an ethnic subgroup of Georgians who have preserved their own dialect and cultural traditions.”

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As the Author says, “You can fly through the clouds”. At the end of the article Jennifer talked about what can adventurers can do in Georgia to have fun.

“The mountain regions of Georgia offer endless adventures, from ice climbing and white water rafting, to mountain biking and mountaineering.”

Georgia is demanding the world’s attention and it’s your turn to discover something new, adventurous, and unusual. There are so many reasons to make the decision and visit Georgia. Have a great journey!

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