Every newcomer wanders where he/she can party or just hang out when staying in Tbilisi. After some sightseeing and exhausting excursions from museums to landmarks, one wants to relax and simply experience the authentic life of the city.

Strange it may sound, apart from its history, landscape and cuisine, Georgia is also known for its clubbing culture as well. “Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is home to the closest thing to Berghain you can find outside Berlin”, – The Guardian reports.

Even though, Tbilisi is not a very big city, it has various kinds of interesting and entertaining places to offer its guests. Similarly to other countries, Friday and Saturday are considered the holy days for partygoers after exhausting and busy working week. Most importantly, there are places that suit every one’s needs and taste. So let’s see what Georgia’s clubbing institution looks like.

Art-Cafe HOME

When strolling down the narrow street of Betlemi, in the heart of Tbilisi, you will come across a colorful and extraordinary three-floor-house called Art-Cafe HOME . It is the first club where upon crossing the threshold you really feel like home. As soon as you step in, you find yourself in small parallel world that reminds of a wonderland. The floors are connected through a labyrinth with various tiny lights. The staircase leads to different zones and finally you end up at an amazing large terrace with colorful illumination overlooking the narrow streets and the majestic landmarks of the city.  Garnished with deep sofas and coffee tables, the house also has a kitchen, bathroom and a fire place, that creates a cozy and homelike atmosphere. The place offers a wide variety of savory snacks and appetizing colorful cocktails served in huge jars. Location – Betlemi #13.


For underground partygoers BASSIANI is the must visit place. Brutal and dark space under the football stadium, where used to be a swimming pool, creates an intim atmosphere where there is only you, music and nothing else. The nightclub hosts a number of international producers and DJs. The venue has already earned international recognition and is often referred to as an alternative to Europe’s leading clubbing scenes. Simply drop in on and check it out for yourself. Location -Tsereteli Avenue #2.


Mtkvarze – Over Mtkvari River, this is how yet another modern dancing venue is called in Tbilisi. Former fish restaurant that carried the same name, now the place offers electronic and disco music to alternative music enthusiasts. It is one of the frequently visited night clubs in the city that delivers various types of experimental music of different genres. Location – Agladze Street #2.


KHIDI (The Bridge), advanced urban clubbing scene under Soviet-era bridge is yet another nightlife hub where partygoers flock to get inside and dive into sea of forgetfulness. Equipped with good sound system it brings incredible sensation to its guests. The venue is divided into three floors, main stage, small room and exhibition area. The club has a capacity of 1000 people. Besides, it offers mix of local and international techno artists. Location- V. Bagrationi Bridge, Right Embankment.


SPACEHALL is a versatile space for live and experimental music concerts. The venue has already hosted many distinguished and internationally recognized artists. The place is located right next to BASSIANI.   The area has a vast space and two floors. The first floor houses a large dancing space and the second floor offers more sophisticated zone where elegantly dressed bartenders serve exquisite cocktails. The venue has launched diverse set of events from underground house, disco and hip-hop to live performances. Location -Tsereteli Avenue #2.


Café-Gallery one of the earliest clubs in Tbilisi, known for its multicultural and friendly atmosphere, is a real art gallery combining a café that transforms into a dancing scene at midnight and on weekends. The venue is furnished with vintage tables, sofas, torshers and aged lamps simultaneously displaying modern artworks by Georgian artists. It is a frequent gathering place of many artists and musicians, welcoming people of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, so it can be termed as Tbilisi’s modern Café de la Rotonde. The bizarre feature that adds its mystical and exotic note to the entire space is that the café is located in a former Russian church constructed in the 19th century. But once the rainbow disco ball starts shining and spinning around to the music, positive vibes spread all over the venue. Location: 34 Rustaveli Ave.

eZo Festival

Another extraordinary and alternative space where one can rave to electronic music as well as simply chill out or communicate with friends is eZo Festival. It is a seasonal event-venue that takes place every year in the lap of nature, at Mtatsminda Mount. This year the series of events lasts till September 9. As eZo Festival team promises, this year the venue will offer its guests live performances by fledgling and distinguished Georgian talents as well as the area will feature exhibitions, film screenings, sports activities such as yoga class in order to help us get rid of stress and refresh. Additionally, MZESUMZIRA’s Café will operate all day long and serve delicious and healthy vegetarian food. So don’t forget to put eZo Festival on your list of must attend summer events. Location: Mtatsminda Park.

Lisi Wood

Are you exhausted from the city’s chaotic rhythm and seek an escape in hot summer days? Then Lisi Wood is the very place you should consider visiting. It is series of electronic music events that take place in the lap of nature, near the Lisi Lake, not far from the city center. Lisi Wood offers its guests relaxing atmosphere, positive environment, fresh air, greenery and, most importantly, quality music.