Georgia has already earned international recognition for its unique landscape and wine making culture that has a history of over 8000 years, yet the core feature that the country is famous for is its hospitality.Yes, Georgians can be considered some of the warmest, most open and hospitable people on earth.And do you know why?Because here a guest is believed to be the messenger of god, so consequently every Georgian thinks it is their duty to treat a guest the best they possibly can.

Jesper Black, a young journalist and traveler from Holland who, in 2016, turned out to be the 6 000 000th tourist to visit Georgia, was lucky enough to experience what real Georgian hospitality is like. Upon crossing the Georgian border the newcomer had no idea what kind of crazy adventure and surprise awaited him in the country. In order to celebrate an increase in tourism, Georgia gave him luxury treatment and Jesper was personally hosted by the Prime Minister of Georgia.  Instead of being met by his old friend from Georgia, Ninutsa, Jesper was picked up from the airport and taken directly to an exquisite restaurant where he enjoyed dinner with the leader of the country. The footage depicting this unbelievable surprise and Jesper’s incredible journey throughout Georgia has left thousands of people speechless. A production crew accompanied him for the duration of his journey and showed him some of the best places Georgia has to offer. In order to find out what happened behind the scenes and make sure that the story was legitimate, I caught up with Jesper and his friend to personally talk to them.

Jesper, who runs his own personal video travel blog on YouTube, confirmed that nothing was staged and everything that happened was real. “My friend Ninutsa and her husband were supposed to pick me up from the airport, but instead all these crazy things happened. I was met by a guy with my real name written on a piece of paper. He drove me around the city together with a police escort and finally took me to meet the prime minister. At first I thought my friend was behind the whole thing but, as it turned out, she was not involved and was just as surprised herself. I think they must have picked her up from the airport as well and made sure she didn’t ruin what they had planned”, – Jesper explained.

Jesper mentioned that he only met Ninutsa after the dinner with the Prime Minister. Jesper also recalled some funny moments from the meeting. “To be honest, I didn’t even know who the Prime Minister of Georgia was, but I knew that it wasn’t a joke because they made a big scene and it was very official. I was so hungry after the exhausting flight that I could hardly stop myself from eating everything that was on the table during the wine tasting”, He laughed.

Yet, over the rest of his holiday in Georgia, the lucky tourist had a chance to enjoy all kinds of Georgian dishes and even admitted that he gained some weight during his stay. When asking him which Georgian dish he liked the most he singled out Nigvziani Badrijani (Eggplant with walnut filling), as many tourists do. “I tried a lot of things. My favorite dish is the eggplant with walnut filling (Nigvziani badrijani), that is incredible! I could eat it for the rest of my life and never get bored. I love Khinkali (meat dumpling) as well, which are tricky to eat, but I got better at it.I am also a big fan of Georgian cheese bread, Khachapuri, and beautiful Georgian wines. You have delicious wine and your winemaking process is so unique, I’ve never seen anything similar anywhere else”. The foreign video maker remarked.

Although, his journey lasted for only one week, Jesper managed to see Kakheti, Georgia’s eastern region famous for its wines, the coastal city of Batumi as well as to ski in the newest ski resort, Gudauri. “I am from Holland, we don’t have any mountains, so I was super excited when I saw the incredible nature and all the mountains here. It was a really crazy adventure. I have been to many countries, but Georgia is very special to me, not only because of what happened, but because the nature is stunning and the people are so warm and friendly.”

Jesper said that he will definitely come back again. In fact, he is open to new possibilities and would like to work and live in Georgia for some time. “I think everybody should visit Georgia. It is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is a really warm country and a truly spectacular place. I think anybody who considers going there should stop thinking and just buy the tickets”, – The tourist said at the end of the interview.

Ninutsa Nanitashvili, thanks to whom Jesper came to Georgia, is Jesper’s close friend. She revealed the story of their friendship and how they met in Georgia. Ninutsa herself is quite an active girl; she founded Tbilisi Google Developer Group (GDG). Along with that she has also been involved in the empowerment and promotion of women in the field of IT.

“As you know Jesper experienced a magical adventure in Georgia, besides having dinner with the Prime Minister, he was gifted an amazing journey throughout the country. Me and our mutual friend Ani Mirianashvili showed him around Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, accompanied him to the historical city of Mtskheta as well as took him to some places where the youth of Georgia usually hang out. I think he was especially impressed by Goderdzi Pass. It turned out that he likes abandoned buildings, so we stopped at a few such places on the road to Sighnagi (a city in kakheti) and he was so happy. Generally, he liked the people he met in Georgia; many people expressed warmth and hospitality toward him. As for our friendship, we met each other 4 years ago, when I was studying in Holland. Since then I invited him to Georgia several times, but it seems like he anticipated that December 2016 would be the best time to come. He was planning to spend his holidays peacefully with me and my husband, but then such a thing occurred that turned his life upside down”, – Ninutsa noted.

Ninutsa said that they socialize on social networking sites daily and Jesper is excited that so many Georgians send him friend requests and express their positive attitude towards him.